make of yourself a light~

on top of the world ~ mt. tamalpais

Well, here it is, my first blog. Finally.

I've been attempting to do this for quite a while now, but I've come to realize that, like most ideas I have, sometimes they aren't ready. Ok, I guess what that really means, is I wasn't ready. Either way... We are now.

For those of you who may not know me, Hey! I'm Mary! I am a painter, a hippie kinda girl who makes macrame jewelry, an interior designer with a touch of architect, a gypsy soul... and I ask a lot of questions. I try not to assume my opinions reflect the truth, which often leads me to being more philosophical than factual. I like to hang out in the grey areas for the most part. Grey areas covered with rainbows, of course.

I am an east coast girl, from Philly (and Cape May), who ventured out to San Francisco when I was 24 (a little over 5 years ago). My boyfriend of a few months, Kevin, and I had just spent the part of the summer touring the north east following a Grateful Dead family band, Phil & Friends. I returned to Cape May, NJ, to be with my family, and to get back to my jobs waitressing, saving up for my future journey. In one form or another, I had planned this for a long time, though I'm not sure I ever really believed I would do it. But the winds were at my back, and the sunshine on my face. I headed to California. That adventure is for another time, though.

I am not sure what this little space of mine is supposed to be, or what it will become. I think I would like to share my daily inspirations with you, though. Perpetual Sunshine is a name that came to me when I was first getting back into my jewelry during my first few months in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was dreary winter weather, and I was alone. I was sewing pillows, making myself clothes, and finding peace in my knotting. Each item was so special to me, and brought a smile to my face when they were finished. Art is my sunshine, and if I keep creating, my soul is satisfied.

I've also realized that, in order for me to create meaningful pieces, I really need to feel inspired. I may not always know what it is that inspired each particular piece, but I do know that I am perpetually inspired by everything.

So my first piece of inspiration I would like to share is my walk to work each morning...

It's a fairly short walk, on a very busy street, but for about a block, the road runs along the marshes.  I try to ignore the rush of cars & their horns, and find peace in the egrets. A simple life filled with beauty.

I invite you to find something that moves you each day. It is there, you just have to remember to open your eyes. And if you still cannot find that something, well, in the words of Buddha... "make of yourself, a light". You are a perpetual ray of sunshine.

with love~



  1. so glad you are embarking on the blogging journey! nice to get to know you a bit more :) xo

  2. This is a beautiful idea, Mary. You have inspired me today. I will look for that something that moves me each day. Today it was you. Love, Mom